• Intentional communication and curiosity

    We are open and honest communicators, focusing on active and empathetic listening, ensuring all voices are vocalized and heard.

  • Mutual accountability

    We do our homework – as chairs leading the work stream, as support providing critical input, and as members contributing their voice to the vote.

  • Inclusivity

    We believe no partner is left behind to ensure diversity of thought. We employ think, pair, share, step-up, step back.

  • Outcome orientation

    We are relentlessly protective of our time and ensure that we only do work that advances our ability to connect south and west side residents to employment. Consistency is king.

  • Transparency and trust

    We build and we crave community. We work to know each other as people and who they are as leaders.

  • Focus on the collective

    We agree that while doing the work of the collective, in and outside of CBOC meetings, wear your CBOC hat and make decisions that benefit the whole.